Master Adapt’s networking on adaptation: a Workshop on the 25 years of LIFE Programme (Rome, 24 may)

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LIFE Master Adapt, together with LIFE Derris ( and the Italian Local Agenda 21 Association, organized on the 24 May the Conference entitled ‘Climate Change Adaptation: the Experience and Opportunities of LIFE Projects in Italy’ with the goal of creating an important moment for discussing of adaption to climate change, with a multi-stakeholders approach: all the conveneing stakeholders and projects … Read More

MASTER ADAPT in Barcelona to the meeting of the LIFE Platform on Climate Action on urban areas

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MASTER ADAPT has been invited to participate in the LIFE Platform Meeting on Climate Action in Urban Areas, organized by the LIFE Clinomics project ( and hosted by the DiputaciĆ³n of Barcelona, on the 21 and 22 of June. The purpose of the platform is to bring together the beneficiaries of European LIFE projects, competetent local, national authorities and European … Read More