MASTER ADAPT in Barcelona to the meeting of the LIFE Platform on Climate Action on urban areas

Coordinamento Agende 21News

MASTER ADAPT has been invited to participate in the LIFE Platform Meeting on Climate Action in Urban Areas, organized by the LIFE Clinomics project ( and hosted by the Diputación of Barcelona, on the 21 and 22 of June.
The purpose of the platform is to bring together the beneficiaries of European LIFE projects, competetent local, national authorities and European authorities, and other stakeholders to advance climate chaange adaptation and mitigation in urban areas.
Workgroups are dedicated to instense activities such as exchange of concrete case studies and good practices in specific areas: for MASTER ADAPT, the Region of Sardinia, project coordinator, will participate and bring our experience so far.
MASTER ADAPT, whose goal is to make integrated adaptation policies at all levels of local decision-making pathways, will take part to the ‘Implementing Climate and Sustainable Energy Action Plans’ Group.