Master Adapt and adaptation policies at Urbanpromo Green in Venice

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LIFE Master Adapt presented at Urbanpromo Green, INU and URBIT’ event on Urban Regeneration with a focus on green policies, to be held in Venice on 21 and 22 September.
The findings of Master Adapt will be presented on September 21 in the Round Table ‘Cities and Territories testing Adaptation: Italian Trials’ that will take place within the Conference ‘New Approaches to Adaptation and Resilience in Urban Areas’, at 9.30.
Urbanpromo Green foresees conferences, seminars and workshops on five themes related to the sustainability of cities and territories: smart mobility, green as an element of urban planning, energy and urban waste, the relationship between cities and water, sustainable and against seismic risk design and buildings. Such a cultural event, the link between scientific research, technical professions, public administration, business world, aims to realize a holistic representation of the evolving city, looking to the future under the push of the many and varied innovations that bring the most stimulating experiences in progress.

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