The project MASTER ADAPT has started!


The project MASTER ADAPT (Mainstreaming Experiences at Regional and local level for ADAPTation to climate change) has started!

The European Local Authorities are already experiencing the negative impacts of climate change and are expected to react quickly to protect territories, people and resources through the adoption of adaptation measures.

MASTER ADAPT aims to meet these needs by identifying, testing and disseminating multi-level governance tools to support regional and local authorities in the integration of adaptation into sectoral policies.

MASTER ADAPT aims to provide a common methodology to support Regions to identify the main vulnerabilities and priorities and, in particular, to draw up guidelines for the governance of adaptation in urban areas.

The Metropolitan Areas and Aggregation of Municipalities will be the focus of the project: tools will be developed to facilitate the optimization of relations with the top-level planning, to increase and coordinate municipal planning capacity and facilitate public – private cooperation.

This activity will be paired with a mainstreaming process for the design and implementation of regional adaptation strategies by coordinating the different levels of territorial government (State, Regions, Local Authorities) and between the different policies involved (planning, landscaping, agricultural, environmental, civil protection).

Thanks to the methodology and tools that will be processed, the approach of MASTER ADAPT will be highly transferable and replicable in other areas, Regions and Cities, as an instrument  for integrating adaptation to climate change across Europe.